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DataGlyphs®: Embedding Digital Data


Basic DataGlyphs/Microglyphs are a pattern of forward and backward slashes representing ones and zeroes. This pattern forms an evenly textured field.



PARC DataGlyphs are a robust and unobtrusive method of embedding computer-readable data on a variety of surfaces.


Unlike most barcodes, DataGlyphs are flexible in shape and size. Their structure and robust error correction also make them suitable for curved surfaces and other situations where barcodes fail.




Microglyph®: Direct Parts Marking & Packaging


PARC invented DataGlyphs and licensed worldwide patents exclusively to Microglyph, who have developed a superseding technology. Microglyph Codes are directly marked on parts or products and discretely integrated into package designs, enabling reliable track and trace solutions when matrix- or barcodes fail, and helping protect brands and products from counterfeiting.


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Roll mouse over image to zoom in. Original size: 3.3" x 3.3" @ 600dpi. Glyphtones, DataGlyphs/Microglyphs of varying weights, emulate the look of a grayscale image



  1. Flexibility - adjustable size, shape, color
  2. High data density
  3. Robustness
  4. Adjustable error correction
  5. Compatible with cryptography

At 600dpi, DataGlyphs/Microglyphs offer up to 1KB per square inch of data. At this density, the Gettysburg Address fits in a block the size of a small United States postage stamp.




  1. document management
  2. fraud prevention
  3. inventory tracking
  4. ID cards
  5. parts marking
  6. product tagging




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Xerox/Parc Dataglyphs
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Dataglyphs Technical Overview














Roll mouse over image to zoom in. Original size: 5.9"x4.8" @600dpi. Color DataGlyphs provide a similar functionality as Glyphtones but extend the applications to color images






Roll mouse over image to see "invisible" glyphs as seen by the blue channel of a scanner. "Invisible" DataGlyphs are fine yellow glyphs printed on white. This drawing shows them at 200% and 1000% enlargement.











Combining different types of DataGlyphs increases the options for encoding digital information.







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