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Congratulations! Microglyph Technology GmbH Selected
As A ‘Top 100’ Packaging Innovation Provider!


Selected from among the 2,700 exhibitors at interpack 2008
by PTIS, GSSI, and Packaging Strategies

One of the technologies, processes, or services you displayed or debuted at interpack has been selected by Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions, Global Sustainability Solutions, Inc., and Packaging Strategies as a Top 100 Innovation and has been included in the just-published “interpack Innovations Report.”


This report is extremely timely, as the tens of thousands of global packaging professionals who attended – as well as those who did not attend – are now conducting critical follow-up to determine which of the technologies on display are truly innovative and worthy of consideration for their next new product/package development initiative. 


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Report Names Packaging’s ‘Top 100 Innovations’

    The team from Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions, Global Sustainability Solutions, Inc., and Packaging Strategies has selected what it believes to be the “Top 100 Innovations” from among thousands of technologies, processes, and services displayed at interpack 2008.


    The three companies dispatched a team of packaging professionals to interpack, each with specific and overlapping areas of expertise.  The team contacted every exhibitor in the months leading up to interpack.  From among the 2,744 exhibitors, the team evaluated each company and pre-qualified specific package technologies, processes, and services. 


    On-site in Dusseldorf, the team visited nearly every exhibitor in an exhaustive first-hand search for the truly innovative offerings – those offering incremental through discontinuous package technology, process, and service innovations.  From among the several thousand stands visited and hundreds of technologies evaluated, the team selected only those technologies it felt delivered true innovation across the packaging value chain.

    “To be included among the Top 100, as recognized by this elite team, is a significant honor and achieves the goal  of delivering something new and exciting to the packaging field,” said Mike Richmond, principal, and co-founder of PTIS.


    The team used a unique “Innovations Rating Scale” to rank each technology, process, or service on a 1, 3, 9 -- incremental, discontinuous, or disruptive -- scale.  By eliminating the mid-range of the scale, it forces the deliberate separation of that which is truly innovative, unique, or different vs. an incremental rating scale where there is very little perceivable or discernable difference between a 6 and 7, or 7 and 8.


    “There is a clear distinction between the general ‘product news’ roundups offered by the packaging trade press and the identification and selection of the Top 100 incremental, discontinuous, and disruptive technology, process, and service innovations profiled in the interpack Innovations Report,” explains David Luttenberger, CPP, director of Packaging Strategies.  “Not only do these profiles paint a clear picture of the technologies, but they have been put into context against current and emerging trends throughout the packaging value chain, from raw materials sourcing to brand-ownership to retailing.”


    The interpack Innovations Team included Mike Richmond and Brian Wagner, principals of PTIS.  Richmond is a strategic business and technical leader with 25 years’ experience across Packaging and Technology Integrated Solutions (PTIS), Kellogg's, Kraft and Michigan State University.  Wagner is an entrepreneurial business and technical leader with more than 20 years’ experience with Kellogg's, Sara Lee, Multiform Desiccants, Carton-Craft Corp., Burger King, and General Foods.


    PTIS Senior Associates Terry Bedell, a Packaging Hall of Fame member; Todd Bukowski; and Phil McKiernan were also part of the team.  Packaging Strategies’ director David Luttenberger, CPP, added Insights & Analysis commentary to the report.