microglyph® - Error Tolerance

Up to 90% of the area of a microglyph® can be destroyed1 – yet the code maintains it’s full readability! It does not matter, which area of the code gets destroyed. The code has no “Hot-Spots”.

1) Depending on user defined redundancy


Abb Fehlertoleranz002

Ring-shaped microglyph with niches, decoded on a plastic surface. The finger covers, approx. 80% of the code. Despite the destruction, the decoder reliably retrieves it’s informaiton.


Ring-shaped microglyph decoded on a metal ring. The tip of a scissors covers approx. 65% of the code, however the information is reliably decoded. (the coin shows the size ratios)


microglyph decoded on a tire. The coverage destroys approx. 80% of the code.

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