microglyph® ist unique!

microglyph® can be applied on curved, strongly reflecting surfaces, or on materials with very low contrast conditions. Parts and products made of highly polished metals, glass, plastics, even automobile tires can be reliably coded.




Low Contrast



Due to the high error tolerance, the code is also suitable for strongly stressed component parts. microglyph® coded motor parts such as connecting rods, pistons or turbine blades can be reliably decoded even after strong surface erosion has occured.



Error Tolerance



Yet the part’s surface does not have to have a regular, or even a rectangular shape. Ring- or oval shapes, arbitrary polygons, scattered codes or even microglyphs® embodied into your logo can be created. Whatever the surface shape constraints are, the code adjusts to your requirements. A space smaller than 1x1 mm is already sufficient to apply a microglyph®, and a code no larger than a small fingernail can stow up to 400 bytes of data.




Curved Surfaces

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