Innovative packaging solutions with microglyph


microglyph codes are unobtrusively integrated in packaging designs. They may be placed on front or cover-sides, or other important presentation areas of the products. However they are generally not perceptible to the consumer.


The codes serve various tasks in the production and packaging process. Beside the control of packaging machines, they enable quality and completeness to be reliably checked and enable to detect deviations in the position of the packaging material. As another essential function, the codes provide an efficient way to protect brands and products from counterfeiting.


Marking Processes


microglyph applications for the packaging area have been developed and deployed in close cooperation with Huhtamaki, a worldwide leading provider of packaging solutions. Printing - as well as lasermarking processes are used for marking microglyph codes on packaging materials:

  1. Rotogravour printing
  2. Flexoprinting
  3. Offset printing
  4. Other printing processe (e.g. Inkjet)
  5. various Lasermarking processes




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